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« on: May 13, 2018, 05:54:12 PM »
First of all
5/13/2018 , 7 days.
"Going through the maps."
Now, The reason was fine, the thing is, I didn't really do anything, I go through little holes I find, and generally am overly curious, now  this isn't a problem by itself but lightning...has a thing...for...that??
To be honest noone seems TOO bothered by it...
But lightning is just sort of the type to get annoyed by me even pointing it out so I do not think i'm completely to blame.Due to being bored and having nothing better to do, I find these things and mess around, yet..I never did anything to harm the server, I didn't get my OP potions into spawn and spam them, I didn't spam, I didn't hack, I find YOUR errors and if it is better than the things i'm left with beforehand what am I supposed to do that's realistic?
Can't go to create.
Can't SEE create.
Can't get accurate INFORMATION about create.
It's human nature to want to know, and you know what? This ban proves my following point:
My reputation is unfixable with what im working with.
I can't go to create, okay!
Oh...I can't go to horrortale...
Oh...Several things are in create....
But I still got Undertale!
Oh... Its not as popular as create...
That's fine! ill go to my plot!
Oh...1/3rd of the people don't know/remember how it works...
This applies to so much it is ridiculous, I can't talk to people and be a good guy if they aren't around to talk to because they are in some magical la la land that takes forever to get into that is nearing impossible for me! Y a y...

So yeah
I'M.... F 1 nE

But what i'm saying is:
I am NOT sorry for why I was banned,
The previous times were fairgame,
the map is small and cramped and then you see a gaping hole when you compare to the rest of the map,
And you know what? I have more tricks than I remember.
But if I have to plead to get back to you for a week then being banned for 7 days is honestly fine by me, I only miss 3 people there, and doc might be a forth because I haven't gotten to talk with him, but please for the love of god stop acting like i'm the only screwed up person in the world.

Edit: Sorry this was so aggressive, this is taking place of lights question that i slipped out of.

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