SITIC Minecraft has multiple worlds (multiverses) featuring the creations of our staff and residents. New players are initially guests and will have a white gamer tag. To protect our players and creations, a period of observation by ownership and staff is required before being promoted to resident (red gamertag). These residents are allowed access to all areas of the server (outside of admin only areas).

Griefing is never allowed in any area of the server. Griefing refers to destroying another user’s creation in the creative multiverse, the creation of sexually or offensive themed imagery, or vandalism of an existing world via hacks/mods. Altering another player’s build without their permission will be considered griefing.  Players found to be engaging in this activity will be restricted from our open create worlds, and could be permanently banned from SITIC.

Please do not spam the chat/doors/portals. Chat spamming will result in a mute.

Please do not use foul language on SITIC. We have a large number of players that are of a young age. Offensive words are blocked by our automated swear filter. Evading by using characters will be warned and could result in getting muted for a period of time.

SITIC has a large role play community, and there are role plays in progress much of the time. We do understand that “insults” inside of the role play are part of the experience, and such will be tolerated. However, insulting outside of role play is never tolerated.

You may role play any character you wish on SITIC (with the exception of Under Lust characters – the UnderLust pixel artwork you may see in our creative world was built before this rule was established.)  Also please keep to one character per role play. Multiples of the same character in any given role play is not allowed.

Grossly overpowered original characters (OCs) are not conducive to role play, therefore they are not allowed.

While ships are allowed on the server, please keep them appropriate (PG, and no large age ranges.)

SITIC staff is chosen by ownership based on willingness to help the server grow, prior experience, and adherence to server rules. We generally do not take applications for staff, rather, staff are approached based on observation and interaction by ownership.

Please notify an operator or owner (operators have purple gamer tags, owners have green gamer tags) if you have a question or issue with any aspect of your experience on SITIC or another player. Harassment is not tolerated and will be addressed promptly.

Advertising other servers (posting links to the actual servers, and “hey who wants to go to this server with me?!”) posts in chat are not allowed in public chat. However, you-tube and other links are permitted, as long as they are not spammed.

SITIC disables PVP (player vs player) in most areas of the server – however we do have a designated PVP area for those who which to engage in battle. Kits are provided for this purpose inside the PVP area. Please do not take these kits outside the PVP arena, or bring outside items into the PVP arena. Play fair!

Harassing users with enchanted/custom potions/effects is not allowed at any time on the server.

Private messages (/msg) can and will be monitored by ownership for player safety.

Ban appeal forms that have been notified denied by a server owner can not be reversed.

Be RESPECTFUL and listen to the server owners/ops/admins. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

Above all, use common sense, have fun, and enjoy the server!