Holidays 2016

We are all filled with the spirit of the holidays

Want to join the festivities? Come join us!

Have some more ideas for holiday decor? Contact LightningSFM with your ideas. If your idea is created, a photo will be uploaded with a special thank you and mention from us!

  • Twitter: LightningSFM
  • Facebook: LightningSFM
  • Or just come to the server and drop her some mail 😉
Menorah <3
Christmas Lights in Snowdin!
A better picture of the Menorah surrounded by Hanukkah lights
Overhead view of the lovely Christmas tree. 🙂
Some of the regulars in our Christmas garb surrounded by light! Left to right: Amacrafting, Kinox, Blueberry1582, LightningSFM, Ant_To_Polar_RPZ
Owner, LightningSFM (going by the name Christmas Light 😉 ) next to the Christmas tree.
LightningSFM (Christmas-Light) in edited skin to celebrate Christmas, standing (or floating) in front of the decorated inn in Snowdin.

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