Roleplay Photos

Here is the page where you can find photos from each role play/activity on the server. We offer 3 different role plays right now, Undertale (and any other UT AU you want to be. We aren’t picky – lol), Five Nights At Freddy’s and Mad Scientist Sci-Fi. We hope to add a Doctor Who role play as well, but that may be a bit further down the line. The one we would have in charge of that is very busy haha.


Just hover over the “Photos” page tab, and choose which category of photos you want to see. Enjoy!

Five Nights at Freddy’s Role Play

Friends and Group Photos

Holidays 2016

We are all filled with the spirit of the holidays Want to join the festivities? Come join us! Have some more ideas for holiday decor? Contact LightningSFM with your ideas. If your idea is created, a photo will be uploaded with a special thank you and mention from us! Twitter: LightningSFM Facebook: LightningSFM Or …

Lightning’s Birthday! 10-21-2016

The people that come onto the server are the some of the best people I have ever met…and this just proved it. On my birthday, I was surprised with the following. Of course I had to take a bunch of photos! 😀 Thank you everyone who helped, and for all of the birthday wishes from …


Undertale (and other AU’s)

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