Q: Everyone is telling me to read the rules. Where are they located?

A: The list of server rules can be viewed using the “Rules” tab on this website, as well as on the server using the command /rules at any time.

Q: I’m new. Why can’t I get into %world ?!?!?! Everyone’s in there and I want to roleplay!

A: To prevent harassment and/or griefing/vandalism in our open creative and survival worlds all new users are guests when they first join the server. If they follow the rules and are friendly and respectful to other players/staff members, it usually takes about a day for them to be promoted to resident. Residents feature a red gamer tag, and are able to access all the worlds on SITIC. While you’re a guest, patience is a virtue. It helps to get to know everyone on the server, and use the time to ask staff any questions you may have about the different features and functions on the server. Promotions are only given manually by one of the members of server ownership. Understand that they aren’t able to be online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so we rely on our operators to let us know how you’re getting along here on SITIC. 🙂

Q : Everyone has nicknames on the server that they’re able to set. How do I do this?

A: You can type /nick [yournick] in the chat window to change your nickname on the server. Please keep nicknames language and length appropriate.

Q: What about those pretty colors?

A: Here is a color code chart for Essentials, which is what controls our chat.  They can also be used in your custom nickname.


Q : What do the different colors mean in the gamer tags?


White = Guest : These players can access spawn, plus a few of the worlds and features, but cannot access the create or survival worlds. This status is primarily meant for you to get to know us, and us to get to know you!

Red = Resident : These players are trusted residents of SITIC. They are free to roam the entirety of the server, and are the majority of the players on SITIC. We value and appreciate all of them!

Purple or Dark Purple = Operator/Admins : These players are closely trusted by the owners. They have the ability to enforce the server rules, and can institute mutes/kicks/bans on players that are caught breaking the rules. If you have an issue, please talk to one of these players.

Blue = Moderators/Helpers: These players are here to help you with any questions you may have about where to go/what to do on the server. They do not have any technical enforcement powers, but please respect them as staff members.

Dark Green = Senior Operator/Admin : Meow.

Green = Owners : Self explanatory.