This page is different than the “About the Admins” page. This is about the server.


What we offer seems to grow daily. This started off as a small Undertale map used for Role Play, and also for Undertale fans to gather and meet, make new friends, etc. While Lightning was creating the Undertale map, DocTator was building his lab, which he made just for fun. It later become a staple Role Play on the server. It’s known as the “Mad Scientist Sci-Fi” Role Play.

With all of the hype of Sister Location, I decided to create a complete Five Nights at Freddy’s Role Play just across the river from Snowdin Town (Undertale). At this moment, it’s a work in progress. We have FNAF1, FNAF2, FNAF3, and the Freddy Fazbear’s from FNAF4, as well as the sidewalk you travel in minigames. The house is still in the making. I will also be making Sister Location (yes, underground) after the FNAF4 house is complete. I also plan to ADD to FNAF3.

One of the people who comes to the server is a big Doctor Who fan, and the idea of creating a Whovians Role Play has been tossed around. It may be a little while before that is started. Of course, everyone will be informed of this when the time comes.

Other things we offer:

Besides role play, chatting and getting to know each other, we also offer PvP, but with no weapons (usually), because sometimes those weapons are kept and used on other people who weren’t part of the PvP. We have an arena for the PvP stuff, for those who enjoy the atmosphere of a good FIGHT.

When you join, you are automatically in “Adventure Mode”. This is so people cannot break things when fighting or just playing around. We do, however, offer fly, and the server is in “peaceful” mode, with no monsters or animals that spawn there. It makes it a fun and unique experience, that is very much like traditional Minecraft, but not ENTIRELY traditional.

Our admins are FUN! We aren’t stuffy, stand around and wait for someone to break the rules type of people. We are involved, and thankful for each any every one of YOU who come join us. It takes a lot for someone to be kicked or banned, and we don’t try to  steal your money! If you would LIKE to donate, you can, but it’s not pressed.

Parkour. We all know how people love parkour, so we have created a parkour on the server, on the Undertale side of the map. It seems to be a success, so we may add more. Lightning can’t do parkour so well, so you won’t see her around there haha. But others are more than welcome to have some fun with it. Or rage at it. All feelings are welcome 😉

Chat channels. Due to the larger amounts of people we get on certain days, or at certain times, and the multiple Role Play scenarios we have going on, we have introduced chat channels, so the role plays are more organized. Things were getting a bit complicated when we had all three role plays going on at once.  This makes things less complicated and more fun for everyone.

Nickname changes. We also have a way to change nicknames for the purpose of Role Play. Your Minecraft username remains the same, but in chat, including channels, you show up as the name of the character you are playing. Even if you are in a normal skin, and not role playing, you can still change your nickname to a variation of your own MC username, with colors and font changes if you choose.

Mail System. You can write letters to be read in a YouTube video. Lightning has a YouTube channel (link in her bio in About the Admins), where there are almost daily Mail Reading videos from the people who come to the server. These can be anything from “Hi, how are you?”, Impression requests (yeah, that happens), little games like “Would you rather”, etc. It can be just about anything. Have fun with it. Throw notes our way!

More to come! This page will be updated as we add more. We are still up and coming, and learning more and more about what we can do with a server to make the experience even more fun for those who come to visit. Suggestions are welcome. If we can do it, we certainly will consider!

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