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YTGR YouTube Gaming Radio (and a few mainstream songs mixed in)

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**IMPORTANT NOTE** Please be sure to read through our Terms of Service page so as not to get banned for not following the rules. We also added a ban-appeal form for those who have been banned, or want a better understanding as to why they may have been. We want to make this the best possible experience for all, so while we don’t LIKE to ban, we will if we need to. Understanding these bans is one of the best ways to help everyone. We understand that people make mistakes, so not all of our bans will be permanent. I guess you could call it a “three-strike rule”. Just come here to have a good time. Break the rules, and you’ll have a “bad time” Heh…I had to 😉

You may also donate to us using the button on the left. This can help us make the server even better in the future, helping us add things you may see in other servers.

Come check us out! The address is mcplay.sitic.us:25566

See you there!

Roleplay/Creative/Survival/Housing – Come Join the Fun!